Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions.


But.... if you have a question that isn't answered here
Just give us a call - 01634 311444


How much does it cost

If you have a design then we can give you a price straight away,
but if you're starting from scratch then it could be anything between £175 and £600 +vat
Prices vary depending on the quantity and style of signwriting but the average vehicle costs around £300 + vat.
Have a look at the Prices page for some guildelines. (close faq)

Will the graphics damage the paintwork

No. The vinyl we use is designed for external paintwork.
In fact... vinyl protects paintwork from sun-fading and light impact such as stone chips etc. However, If the bodywork is particularly poor, the vinyl can 'take off' the paint but only because there is more adhesion between the paint and the vinyl than between the paint and the rust underneath. We do however use cutting blades to install the graphics and it is possible that the installation team could damage the paintwork. If this happens please tell us immediately. We are fully insured and will repair any damamge caused during installation. (close faq)

How soon can I book an installation date

We need just 2-3 days to manufacture and prepare the graphics.
However, we will only commence manufacture once we have agreed the layout. Here's how we work.... 1) the design is emailed to the customer for approval or revision
2) once the design has been approved via email we issue an official Quote / Order Form
3) the order form is then signed and faxed back to us by the customer
4) on receipt of the signed order form, we take 50% deposit and book an installation slot
After this point we are happy to make changes to the design but we cannot guarantee the installation date until after the new artwork has been approved. (close faq)

How can I pay

We accept card, cash, cheque or online payments.
On receipt of the signed order form we will contact you to arrange payment. (close faq)

What is your refund policy

We want to make sure that our customers are happy. If a product is not up to scratch then we'll replace it if possible. We operate a refund policy that is designed to protect both us and our customers. (close faq)

If I pay by card, will my details be safe

Yes. Card details are taken over the phone and payment is processed straight away. Once the payment has been processed the card details are shredded using a professional cross-cut shredder. (close faq)

What equipment do you use to manufacture the graphics

We put rolls of self-coloured vinyl through our 5ft wide cutting machine.
We print digital images on to vinyl using our 5ft wide digital printer. This printer uses environmentally-friendly 'eco-solvent' inks. (close faq)

What are the technical specifications of the materials you use

We produce standard vehicle graphics using self-coloured polymeric vinyl:
Colours: 120
Caliper: 64 microns
Adhesive: permanent acrylic based
Durability: up to 8 years
Facefilm: polymeric vinyl film

We produce window manifestation using Opal Frost Film:
Adhesive: acrylic based, permanent
Caliper: 80 microns
Temperature Range: -50 degrees C to 100 degrees C
Durability: indorrs up to 7 years, outdoors up to 5 years
Application Temperature: +10 degrees C

We produce translucent manifestation using semi-opaque polymeric vinyl:
Adhesive: acrylic based, permanent
Caliper: 90 microns
Temperature Range: -30 degrees C to 110 degrees C
Durability: up to 7 years
Application Temperature: +5 degrees C

We install Solar Film and reflective mirror tint:
Solar Energy Deflection: 78%
Light Transmission: 17%
Visible Light Reflection: 55%
Durability: up to 10 years (close faq)

Do I need to clean the vehicle

Yes please. We need the vehicle/s to be as clean as possible before we start.
Get rid of all the lumps of dirt and tar since these will show as bumps under the vinyl. (close faq)


How can I send my logo to you

If you only have a paper version please send it to us via post.
If you have an electronic version of your logo please email it to us.
But... for larger files we'd recommend you send them to us via ftp.
We're working on an integrated ftp system for this site but in the meantime we'd recommend you use an online company like (close faq)

I already have a designer, will you work with them

Yes. Working directly with designers makes life a lot easier for us. (close faq)

What if I don’t have a logo or any design ideas

We'll work with you to come up with a logo and design that you like.
We charge a small fee to design logos (usually £50 + vat) but once we've come up with a logo you like we'll work on the new layout and revise the mock-ups as many times as needed until you're happy.
To give us an idea of your tastes have a look through some existing vehicle designs or search on google images - just to see if anything springs out at you.
Even if all you know is that you like a particular colour - that's a starting point! (close faq)

Which software packages do you work with

We work with PCs using... Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw and Omega. (close faq)

Which file formats do you accept

We can work with most file formats and prefer artwork to be supplied vector-based.
If we receive a file-type that we can't use we'll contact you to find an alternative. (close faq)

What resolution do you need for digital printing

Pictures for printing must be supplied to us at 300dpi or more to ensure a high-quality finish.
We can print from lower resolution but the finished print may be quite pixellated. (close faq)

How many times can I revise the artwork

As many times as you like... We don't charge for artwork.
So long as we get to signwrite at the end we're happy to revise the artwork as many times as needed to get the perfect end result. (close faq)


How do you signwrite a vehicle

We cut or print the graphics and prepare them so they're just like big stickers - ready to peel off their backing paper. We then apply masking tape over the graphics. The masking tape sticks well to the graphics and is used to peel the graphics off the backing paper. The graphics are then put into place on the clean (but not waxed) vehicle and are firmly smoothed down. With the graphics fitted in place the masking tape is then peeled off. (close faq)

How long does it take to signwrite a vehicle

This depends on the vehicle and amount of signwriting. But on average it takes our team around 2-3 hours to signwrite one vehicle. (close faq)

Can you collect the vehicle

If signwriting in situ isn't an option we can collect the vehicle and signwrite at alternative premises and return to you at a specified time. All of our drivers have full, clean UK driving licenses for cars, trucks, vans and bikes. We do however request confirmation of insurance that our drivers are covered on your company policy. (close faq)

Can I bring the vehicle to you

If it's easier for you - you can bring the van to us. Although we do prefer to go out to the van. (close faq)

Will you signwrite at another location

Yes - we will signwrite vehicles at most locations in the South East. We can come to you, install at one of your customers' addresses, or even an employee's home address. We are often asked to signwrite vehicles at employees' addresses while they're away on holiday. We'll do whatever we can to minimise the vehicle down-time. (close faq)

Do you need special tools to signwrite

Yes - we use a range of tools to signwrite:
Lint-free cloths: Although we request that vehicles are well-cleaned prior to installation (but not waxed) we wipe any dust from the paintwork using lint-free cloths. Any dust or dirt that is caught under the graphics will look like an air bubble.
Squeegees: like thick credit cards with soft edges. These are used to smooth the graphics onto the vehicles without scratching the graphics or the paintwork!
Heat Guns: In very cold weather the adhesive on the graphics won't stick properly. We use heat guns to warm the glue and ensure a permanent adhesion. If heat guns are needed we'll need access to an electrical power point.
Scalpels: We use very sharp scalpels to cut the graphics between door shuts and around lights and windows etc.(close faq)

Will you need the keys

Yes.. if the installation is to be at our premises and you plan to leave the vehicle/s with us for some time. However, if anyone asks you for the vehicle keys without prior arrangement please don't hand them over, and contact us immediately.
If the installation is to be carried out at alternative premises then so long as there's enough space around the vehicle then we don't need the keys. If necessary we will ask you to relocate the vehicle. We only need keys if we have arranged to collect the vehicle to signwrite at our premises. (close faq)


How do I wash my vehicle once its been signwritten

Do not wash it for at least week after signwriting. This will give the vinyl adhesive enough time to cure. We recommend that signwritten vehicles are not taken through a commercial car wash. We also recommend that jet washers are not used on signwritten vehicles. Wash all signwritten vehicles by hand - using standard car shampoo. Take particular care over intricate graphics. (close faq)

How long will the signwriting last

With proper care standard vehicle graphics should last well over 5 years. Digital images may fade slightly in this time but again should last over 5 years. (close faq)

Can the graphics be removed

Yes. Signwriting isn't permanent - but the longer the signwriting has been on the vehicle - the more difficult it is to remove. Removing vinyl from a vehicle is often time-consuming and if not done professionally can damage the paintwork. (We hear countless tales of drivers picking graphics off with knives and leaving behind lots of little scratches!) However, if you're careful and patient the graphics can be removed without leaving a mark. We do offer vinyl removal as a service prior to re-signwriting a vehicle. We use industrial strength glue-remover that works wonders on vinyl glue but that has no effect whatsoever on paintwork or rubber. (close faq)

Will removing the graphics damage the paintwork

No. The vinyl we use is designed for external paintwork. In fact... vinyl protects paintwork from sun-fading and light impact such as stone chips etc. However, If the bodywork is particularly poor, the vinyl can 'take off' the paint but only because there is more adhesion between the paint and the vinyl than between the paint and the rust underneath. We do however use cutting blades to install the graphics and it is possible that the installation team could damage the paintwork. If this happens please tell us immediately. We are fully insured and will repair any damamge caused during installation. (close faq)

FAQ's about Tiger Shark Studios

What makes Kandi Graphics different to other signwriters

Now that's a tricky one....
1) We specialise in vehicle graphics.
2) Our fitters can travel to the vehicle - you don't have to lose a day by bringing the vehicle to us.
3) Kandi Graphics is a family-run business and doesn't have huge overheads - we pass on these savings to our customers.
4) We charge what we feel is a fair price for a job well done. We don't base our prices on what we think our customers can afford.
5) We don't charge for mock-ups and for changes to layouts - so long as we get to signwrite at the end then we're happy.
6) OK this last one might be a cliche - but we do try and offer the best possible service. After all this is a family-run business with a mortgage and bills.
Our happy customers come back to us over and over again. They recommend us to their friends.
If our customers are happy then we're happy - simple as that! (close faq)

Which areas do you cover

We cover Kent, South Essex, East London and East - East Sussex. We do travel into Central London but only for vehicle graphics, window frosting and solar film. (close faq)

How long has Tiger Shark Studios been trading

We started Tiger Shark Studios in 2012. Before that we had a company called Kandi Graphics Ltd which traded from Jan 07 to November 12 but so many customers mis-spelled our name on cheques that we decided to bite the bullet and change the name to something a bit more memorable! (close faq)

Do you have any vacancies

There are currently no vacancies. All CVs will be acknowledge and retained on file. (close faq)

How many vehicles has Tiger Shark Studios signwritten

For Kandi Graphics and now Tiger Shark Studios we have signwritten 100s of vehicles. Smart cars, Vans, Trucks, Flat-Bed Lorries... We have even signwritten trailers, portable loos, mobile coffee stands, tanks and motorbikes. See examples of our work on the Gallery page. (close faq)

Which vehicles do you signwrite the most

The most popular vehicles are:
Citroen Berlingo, Fiat Doblo, Fiat Scudo, Ford Transit, Mercedes Vito, Renault Traffic, Vauxhall Combo, VW Transporter (close faq)

Can I contact other customers from this site

Yes. We hope that all of our customers will have good things to say about us. Even when there have been problems we have done everything possible to put things right. Hopefully our customers will give you a balanced view of the services we offer. If you are from a rival sign company we'd rather you didn't contact our customers. Kent's a big place and there's more than enough work for everyone. In fact, we'd rather get to know other local sign companies - so we can share the work when times are busy. We believe that we offer a great service and high-quality signwriting for a fair price. If our customers are lured away then it'll be a real shame. It's up to us to make sure our customers are 100% happy so that they won't want to leave! (close faq)

Can you recommend anyone for other services - stationery, trades, clothing etc

Yes. We know LOTS and LOTS of business owners in Kent. If you're just starting out then we can point you in the right direction for all kinds of products and services. From stationery to embroidered clothing, plasterering to landscaping to broadband and telecomms. We can even help you with bank accounts and taking card payments, not because we're selling it - but because we've been through it! Established business owners were very helpful to us when we started out and we'd like to offer that same support to other new companies. Just give us a call. (close faq)

Do you take on sub-contract work for other sign companies

Yes but not often... we sub-contract our vinyl fitters to other sign companies for Vehicle Graphics and Manifestation work. (close faq)

Do you sub-contract work out to other sign companies

We never sub-contract vehicle signwriting.
But occasionally some of our customers ask if we can supply them with new building signs or directional signage. Depending on the groundworks involved or installation practicalities we may make the decision to sub-contract work to other sign companies - but only under our strict supervision. (close faq)

Our customers include: N-Power, Ford, The Times, Canterbury Council, NHS, Imperial College London, Mercedes, Welcome Break, Eurotunnel, Gravesham Council, British Heart Foundtion, Smart, Medway Council, London Bus Company, Gala Bingo, Manston Airport...